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Since the 1940's, the auto recycling industry has provided America with a model for efficient business and resource use. Today, 82% of each vehicle (by weight) is recycled. 95% of all vehicles coming off the road --more than 4 million vehicles a year--are recycled.

Auto recyclers are required to follow strict environmental regulations which protect the natural resources that we depend on for drinking water and for recreational activities such as swimming and boating. Auto recyling keeps cars out of landfills, and provides consumers with auto parts, thereby limiting the amount of new raw materials that need to be produced. Car parts are also used to create a wide range of products, including new cars, building materials, carpeting, furniture and even garden mulch!

Since its formation in 1989, the Maine Auto Recyclers Association has been promoting streamlined, environmentally sound automobile recycling across the State of Maine. Our membership of more than 50 firms covers the entire state, from the Southern coast to the mountains of western Maine to Aroostook County and Downeast.

Auto recyclers are the only trained firms licensed to properly process end-of-life vehicles. Do yourself and the environment a favor, and select a licensed auto recycler to recycle your old vehicle or sell you parts for your newer vehicle.

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